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XA40 - is there an official car charger from Canon?


I'm wary of buying non-OEM stuff for charging electronics in general but especially when dealing with expensive gear like camcorders!

I've been searching for an official Canon car charger for this model and its battery for charging on the go (preferably externally so that a spare pack can be charged between shoots).

Is there any such product on the market? 



Have 5 solid years with Watson now.  3rd party, but I would trust it.  Includes a car charger.




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Great. Will pick one of those up when I'm in the US this summer. Thanks for sharing your experience with the product. 

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi danielrosehill,

Thanks for checking in with us.

We don't offer a car charger for the XA40. Since that is the case, you may wish to use our CG-800 Battery Charger with an AC to DC inverter that is compatible with your car.

We don't make an AC to DC inverter, so be sure to read the specs and reviews carefully before making a purchase.