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Will the XA-20 remember the Manual Focus Setting?


My question is "Will the XA-20 keep the Manual Focus setting if you turn the camera off and then back on?" This is the first time I will be using my new XA-20 to capture a Performing Arts Show. I will set the focus before the curtains are closed with someone standing in the middle of the stage. My previous Sony DV would remember its focus if turned off, I don't have enough experience with maunal focus on the XA-20 to know how it acts. I've done a little experimenting and gotten mixed results. To be safe, I'm going to keep the camera in standby and not off before the show and during intermission but I'd like to know how it is supposed to act.





Speaking for the HF G30 which has the same body as the XA20 to the best of my knowledge ... the camcorder seems to keep the focus setting during power off. However, as this is undocumented behavior you never can't be fully sure.


Hello pt92mach,

The operation of manual focus will be retained on the XA20 when the camcorder is powered off.  I believe you may be referring to a focus preset, where a certain location is preset and returned to quickly, in which case the preset is not retained upon shutting the camcorder down. 

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