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EOS R5 C Previewing slow-motion playback

  • So I just purchased the r5c and I’m playing around with video. I can preview my playback but is there a way to preview slow motion playbacks??


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Have you recorded footage in slow / fast and now want to see back?


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The camera will always play back your video at the frame rate the video is tagged at.

For normal recording modes, this is the same fame rate you shot at.  So if you shoot at 60 FPS in normal recording mode, it will tag the video as 60 FPS, and that's how it will play back.  If you want to see slow-mo, then you need to load the video into an editor on your computer and slow it down (e.g. 2.5 times, to 24 FPS).

Slow & fast mode tags the video with a frame rate different to the rate it was shot at -- that's exactly what slow & fast mode is.  You set the tagging frame rate on page 1 of the shooting modes, under "Frame Rate".  You set the actual shooting frame rate on page 2, under "Slow and Fast Frame Rate".  So, in slow & fast mode, if you set the camera to shoot at 60 (page 2) but tag the video as 24 (page 1), then when you play it back, you will see the footage slowed down relative to what you shot.

Hope this helps.

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