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EOS C300 MKII re3d tones in Clog3 wrong


Hello everyone, 


I am having a problem with the red colors when i am shooting in CLog3/Cgamut. 

We are producing fahion videos in an very color-controlled environment using arri skypanes for lighting and a C300MK2 with different lenses (all canon). We are shooting in 4K 25 fps 10bit using the CLog 3 Codec with Cgamut. 


In Postproduction, all colors BUT THE RED TONES) come out pretty precise after applying a basic Color Correction using the correct Canon LUT. Skin looks good (realistic) as well. 

ALL RED COLORS come out very much different than the original clolors - there is a very noticable shift towards yellow/orange and the saturation is not even close to the original (or the Photos taken as well with Canon equipment)

We have to color correct each shot that features red clothing by hand using a secondary color correction  - which takes a lot of time and does not always produce a satisfying result. 

This happens ONLY to vibrant red tones - all other colors are right on the button straight away. 


Is anyone having the same problem?

Is there any way of fixing this? 


We have tried 4 different C300 MK2 and also a whole range of different lenses (all Canon) - the result was always the same. So it seems to be a general problem and not something related to the one single camera we are using. 

Firmware is up to date, by the way. 


Any help is greatly apprechiated!







Sold camera yesterday 1 hour after I spoke to canon.  Selling all my canon glass and switching to sony.