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EOS C200 Green Snow and White Snow Display


On July 23, 2021 I used my C200 for an interview. After having the device set in RAW mode for about 1 hour the display screen turned green, it would not record, and the device would not turn off without unplugging it or removing the battery. When I switched the device from RAW to MP4 or XAVC mode the screen turned white, it would not record, and the device would not turn off without unplugging it or removing the battery. Looking through the eyepiece results in the same green or white snow.


Is anyone aware of why this is ocurring and do you have any proposed solutions? As a one man band with a limited budget I'm unable to absorb the impact losing my $5500 A Cam. I greatly appreciate any asistance so that I can continue my project.Canon C200 Green Display

Canon C200 Green Display 2



Does the C200 have a feature to save settings to a memory card? If so, save your current settings to one.  Then restore the C200 to its factory defauts.  If that doesn't resolve the issue, you should call into Canon to request service as it could be a hardware fault.


Camera: EOS 5D IV, EF 50mm f/1.2L, EF 135mm f/2L
Lighting: Profoto Lights & Modifiers

I followed your suggestions and the display is still green when shooting RAW and white when not shooting RAW. I'm guess my sensor is malfunctioning. I'll contact Canon support. Thank you for your help.

Hi EPOCHMedia,


From what you mentioned, it does seem like something is not quite right with your camera. In addition to what you've tried, it's also worth disconnecting all of the accessories from the camera and leaving the battery out of the camera for at least a day. Then try doing additional tests.


If problems persist, you can email us with the camera equipment you'll be sending and from where you'll be sending it, and we can help you set up a repair:


Since you mentioned concern about being without equipment during the repair period, you might be interested in our Canon Professional Services program. With a Platinum or Cinema membership, you would get repair benefits and loaner options for your EOS C200.


You can learn more about the various benefits of each tier of CPS membership by visiting the link below: