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Canon R5C Video Picture Style Settings!


Hi everyone, 

On the Canon R5 video 'Picture Style Settings' there is an option called 'Clarity'

I went through the settings on the R5C but couldn't locate any such,  this setting makes the video stand out gives

it a punchier look,   I wanted to ask anyone familiar with the Canon R5C if similar option exists?  called 'Clarity'

perhaps with a different phrase!

Thanks in advance.




I have not seen a setting named "clarity" (Cine Menu).  Can you be more specific?   

The closest thing I can think of has to do with available custom "picture settings".  There are 7 protected settings (XF-AVC) that affect gamma and dynamic range.  There are additional placeholders which can be used for custom settings.  Captured video can look different depending on the monitor or display you are viewing on. LUTs affect the output and are used in the color grading process in post. 

I am new to video and by no means an expert.  BT 709 and CLog3 should provide a good viewing experience, with Clog3 providing the most DR.  Use what works best for you.  Shoot in a controlled environment, record multiple clips noting the settings, then review and see which you like best.  If you do decide to customize a preset, copy it and save as a different picture setting.  This way you can abort if you don't like it and maintain your original file.          

See page 125 of your user guide for more info.

eosr5c-aug-video-en.pdf (

Also glad to see more posts regarding the R5C. 😃

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The R5 does indeed have Clarity in stills mode, and also in video mode if you have log disabled.  The R5C has exactly the same thing in its stills mode, which is basically the same as the R5's.  In video mode, though, I think you're out of luck.  Same thing if you're shooting log on the R5, which many serious video people (and me) do.

As I understand it Clarity uses a tone-mapping technique (as used in HDR imaging) to punch up contrast in areas where it's changing.  It's kind of like an edge enhancement for contrast, but not as crude as sharpening.  You can apply this in Adobe Camera Raw, for instance.  It does make pictures look good -- I use it a lot in Camera Raw -- but it's essentially an artificial enhancement.

The video OS on the R5C is totally different, and comes from Canon's cinema cameras.  Those cameras are about fidelity more than punchiness, on the assumption that you want a "true" base image to work from in post.  AFAIK they don't have Clarity.  If you want this effect, you would add it in post with a look or something like that.



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