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Canon HF R70 Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle


Hello. I am trying to get my HF R70 to show up via HDMI on Blackmagic Media Express. I use an Intensity Shuttle USB 3.0 on Windows 8.1. However, I am not getting any video. Does the R70 not have the correct HDMI output to do this? Has anyone gotten a R70 or R400 (tried that too) to work?



What camcorder setting are you using when you try to see the video?

I have used every setting possible on MP4 and AVCHD. I have heard that the R70 HDMI outputs 1080P all the time. Is this correct?

My question was not very clear.  Do you have the camcorder in Playback Mode when attempting to transfer the videos?  Are you trying to get videos from the camcorder or attempting to Live Stream?  

Sorry, i should've been clear also. It's a live stream setup, so I am trying to get it to work in that capacity.

From what I have read you can use the camcorder to live stream to an iOS or Android device.  I have yet to find any clear instructions on how to live stream using the HDMI connection or anything to definitivelty say whether or not it is even possible to live stream via the HDMI cable.  


How is the Intensity Shuttle connected to the computer (USB 2.0, USB 3.0 or some other way)?

It is connected via USB 3.0.

Any other capture software you could test to find out whether or not it is the sofware or something else?  Hopefully someone with more knowledge of the subject than I will respond and give you something useful.

I realized that the R70 only outputs 1080P via HDMI. The Intensity Shuttle doesn't accept 1080P HDMI. I've decided to go with a different capture device. Thanks, all!

I'm glad to hear that you figured it out and hope the next capture device you choose works well for you.