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Canon C70 jittering



do you have any idea what is causing that teribble jitter of antialising in my footage that I recorded with my C70?
Is the digital stabilization which is messing up my clip or something else?

Thanks very much for sharing your expertise on this.


As a matter of fact, I was using a non-IS lens. Most of the time I grab the 50mm EF 1.2L and this particular footage was also recorded with that lens.

The other thing that I noticed is that C70 exhibits more moiré artifacts than R7 or R5 cameras, even when Digital IS is turned off. This sound absurd as C70 is using a 4K native resolution and not a line skipping or downscaling method like the above-mentioned cameras. (Yes, I am always using my C70 in its native resolution.)

Only my copy is affected, or this is a common phenomenon with the C70?


This is most likely due to the R5 doing 4K oversampling.   This was also true for HD.  In order to get very crisp HD footage, you really need to oversample it.   So with 4K worth of sensor sites, you can get very crisp HD.  With only HD worth of sensor sites, you get much more aliasing and other artifacts.

Similarly, 8K worth of sensor sites would lead to very crisp 4K.  Having said that, I personally find that video is crisp enough at 4K, even with 4K worth of sensor sites.  Unless you pixel peep, this is going to look stellar on most every display out there due to typical viewing distances.


Camera: EOS 5D IV, EF 50mm f/1.2L, EF 135mm f/2L
Lighting: Profoto Lights & Modifiers

What recording mode are you using? I would tend to agree that it might be from the algorithm or codec being used. I've shot with the c70 extensively in 4k long gop and don't recall having seen this, but I'll go back and look at some footage to see. 

If you are using Digital IS, I would turn that off. It can be useful occasionally, but because it's essentially line skipping around on the sensor to try and remove small shakes, it tends to look unnatural (at least to me). True IBIS works much better, but we don't have that on these cameras.


Okay, today I visited my local Canon service and I did some experiments with a few other C70 cameras. Turned out that it was not my camera which is faulty, but the Digital IS function deteriorates the picture regardless of which lens are you using. I think that it is nonsense that a camera with this hefty price is unable to record decent footage when the Digital IS is turned on. Incredible!

Digital IS is, in my opinion, a gimmick, and shouldn't be used on this camera.

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