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Canon C70 Blurry Wide Shots


Hey everyone!

I've been having some difficulty getting crisp, sharp wide shots with my Canon C70 and was wondering if anyone else is having this issue. I am nailing focus as best as I can, but when I get home and start working with the footage, it looks like mud instead of beautiful 4k footage I am expecting; it's almost as if the camera is not in focus.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? I sometimes have trouble with focus in general with the C70, but find that in super wide shots, it really fails and the footage is beyond disappointing. Attached is a link to an example shot from this past weekend, shot using a 16mm RF, f7, IS 800, ND6, 4k. {{ Was a super bright day, with harsh light and shadow }} My go-to method is one-touch focus using the screen. I'll lock the small focus box onto a subject until it looks good / gets the green bounding box. 

Any help would be amazing! I thought the bitrate was the issue but I don't think that is it. At my wits end! thousands of dollars spend on new gear and ... this is the best wide shot I can get in 4k?!

Example shot here:






Were you in auto-focus or manual focus? Did you use any of the focus assist features?   To my eye, it appears that the focus was not on the bride, but a bit closer to the camera.

Also, what was the shutter set to? If set to shutter angle, what frame per second were you capturing?  I think the exposure is good overal, but bride seems a tad underexposed.  Sunny 16 says ISO 100 at 1/100 s and f/16.  ISO 800 would give +3 stops, approx 1/60s would give another + 1 stop and approx f/8 would give another + 2.  So to offset that, ND of 6 stops would do it.   Did you try false color for this particular scene?


Camera: EOS 5D IV, EF 50mm f/1.2L, EF 135mm f/2L
Lighting: Profoto Lights & Modifiers

Hi Ricky!

Thanks for reply!

I use 'one touch' focus most of the time, which is an auto focus but only when I hold the button down on a selected area. Once I lock focus, I leave it alone. And I agree!!! I don't know why the focus is better in the foreground!

My angle is locked at 180 degrees / 23.98fps. I did not try false color { have never used it } and I typically keep my C70 at its native 800 unless it starts getting dark, then I push up from there. I may have shot this at 640 ISO come to think of it as even with ND6 it was still too bright. 


Hi there, I just read your post RE canon c70 blurry content on wide.

im suffering the same situation. 
Did you manage to sort? 
I am highly disappointed considering the £ cost, wide angle just looks frankly soft, 

I did expect a less sharp result as the camera tends not to add too much sharpness, overall it’s sadly lacking!! 
any help, greatly appreciated. J 

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