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C300 MK III comes with a printed manual?

Rising Star


I am still awaiting delivery of a C300 MKIII that should arrive this coming week.  But, as I usually do before a new camera's arrival, I would like to read through the manual.  Before I go through the trouble of printing out the manual's several hundred page pdf file, I wonder if any users can tell me if the camera comes with a printed manual?  The "what's in the box" information on the seller's site does not appear to indicate whether it does or does not.


I know that there are people who are enamored of searchable pdf files, but I am not one of them.  I prefer to leaf through the printed pages without the need for a computer or smartphone by my side.



I don't believe it would.  See page 10 of the User Manual which only states that a Quick Guide is included.   This is the same as for the C70 (only a physical Quick Guide) included.


Note that the PDF versions are not only searchable, but the TOC entries are linked, you can increase the display size (zoom into pages) and some manuals have been updated over time to include corrections or additional information.


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Hi, and thank you for your quick reply.


I guess it's a cost saving approach, but despite the fact that pdf's are searchable and such, they still require a device of some sort to read them. I can do so on a computer, but that severly limits the portability of the manual, and reading anything of importance on an iPhone's tiny screen is, IMO, and exercise in futility.  And then there's the issue of an LCD's readibility in sunlight.  $11,000 should buy one a printed manual.


Fuji did the same with their GFX100s USA version (European versions come with a manual printed in several languages, just not English),while the GFX100—I own them both—came with a much appreciated printed manual.  But I'm not surprised, everything in this world is about money.