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C100 Mark II & Sachtler FSB 4 : Jittery Footage




I recently purchased the C100 Mark II and Sachtler FSB 4 Tripod. I've been using this camera for months at work with limited problems in terms of picture quality. However on my personal C100 Mark II, I have noticed that when I perform any type of movement (particularly pans and tilts) the camera produces a strobing effect similar to interlacing. I can’t tell if the strobing is a mechanical error derived from the tripod or a setting within the C100 Mark II. As I began to take on new clients this type of behavior can not persist. 


I have attached two examples of the problem filmed in two separate environments. 

Please help so I can get the most out of my investment. 


EX : 1 



EX : 2 



Well, that's quite unfortunate. Really. 

Might it be a firmware bug of some sort that surfaces after a while of using this camera? 


Just wondering how you've been putting up with it, because it makes footage quite discturbing to view. 


Perhaps, Canon, you could inform us if you've encountered any similar (and solved) case after Davidbowietvc15 raised the matter about it? Just so we get to know whether repairs need to be done, updates to be made or whatever else. 


In the meantime, I'll just go the trial and error way, and update the firmware (version - posted on 08/30/2017)

hoping it'll perform some miraculous kind of reset while at it. 


If anyone's got that firmware, with the same problem stated here, let us know please. 

I am already running the lastest firmware The first thing I did was update the firmware but it’s just the same for me.

The jitter is very obvious on fast movements but slowing your camera movements down helps, obviously doesn’t eradicate it.

I spent quite a lot of time watching the work of c100 users and the is always a subtle jitter or strobe, no where near the extent of what I’m getting.

Thanks for that @Marklamin. I'll keep digging for a fix, that is, if we don't hear anything from Canon about this. Write back if you come across something as well.


Hope it happens before I purchase a different camera. 


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