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impagePROGRAF-1000 maintenence cartridge availability


For the past several months I've been unable to find anyone in the US that has an Mc-20 maintenance cartridge in stock.  Worse yet, no one, including Canon can provide an estimate of when they will have stock.  Frankly, I'm a bit incredulous that Canon would allow this to happen.  Has this happened with other Canon pro level printers?

Does anyone have any information about mc-20 availability?


Product Expert
Product Expert


I just checked the site and I see that the MC-20 Maintenance Cartridge is currently in stock. It can be found at the link below:

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Arthur, thank you form your reply.  While the availability solves a concern, I'm more concerned why Canon was silent for so long offering no information as to the status of mc-20 availability.  It's a serious flaw in the culture of a company of Canon's stature.  Basically you left your customers to operate their print businesses without help or care.  Not good; and it creates concerns about the quality of post-sale support.

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Unfortunately, when I put the products in my cart and try to check out, they show out of stock.  This is beyond frustrating as I've not been able to print for six weeks.  I guess I should've gone with the Epson.....

If anyone has any questions regarding an order or availability, please reach out to our sales team. They are the only ones who have access to these systems. They are at 1-800-385-2155 Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm (ET). 

I do have an epson which is 3 years old and still going - here I thought getting a canon was an upgrade


Seriously just after I spent more than $600.00 with Canon for a set of ink and now I have a printer just sitting there


The MC-20 remains out of stock everywhere.  I've been looking for stock for several months now and, in the meantime, my PRO-1000 has been doing nothing but taking up space.  


I have been unable to find MC-20 cartridges too. It is amazing that engineers would not program a bypass option for the MC-20 cartridge. I'm sure that no one desires ink to overflow, but anyone using a $1200 printer would realize the potential, but better than not being able to print. A flexible tube could be run from the exit port to a suitable container to contain the ink rather than have the printer sitting with a maintenance cartridge full message. Canon should realize that people use the printers in business and to be simply locked out is not acceptable. I am afraid that Canon does not wish to announce that it will be another 6 months before the MC20 cartridges are available. The estimates are that nothing will be leaving Asia for a very long period of time, so the Canon printers will be inactive for a long time.

I live in Nebraska, but found that Glazer camera in Seattle showed some online.  I called them and they had four in stock so I ordered and received two of them a few weeks ago.  After 3 months of no printing!  I was about to bite the bullet and get an epson.

They were briefly in-stock on Amazon for a modest amount of price gouging ($20/ea) instead of the $50+/ea that they had been.  I have two arriving tomorrow but they seem to be completely out of stock now.