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imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Info about print head replacement


My Epson P700 has a few clogged nozzles (even with regular use) and is effectively dead. Epson support said I can take it to an Epson service provider to have the head replaced, but that's not a viable option. I'm considering replacing it with a Canon Prograf PRO-300, partly because I've read that it has a user replaceable print head. So, I'm wondering if anyone has actually replaced the print head on their PRO-300, and where did you buy the head and how much it cost? This information can help me decide what to buy...

Thanks for any help!!




I had two Epson pro printers that even with frequent use, they started spitting ink and that printer didn't have a replaceable head. I than got a Canon pro 1000 and it has been a much better experience. BUT these printers are relatively cheap when you consider that buying a new one includes a new print head, ink, etc. I don't think the heads for these are that cheap.... especially if you need to have a tech install it for you  (labor $$$)  Might be better to just send the printer to the grave and get something newer. By the way I use a utility called QPrint which is far better than the standard print routine that comes with various software (I use Photo Shop). QPrint also allows you to setup a daily simple automatic print using all nozzles to prevent those clogs. You can print out a very small 4"x6" print and it will keep all the nozzles clean and free. 

Thanks Bob. I will look into QPrint.


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