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imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 leaving marks on Awagami paper


I'm familiar with printing on Canon printers - I've been using a pro-1 and recently upgraded to the 1000. This printer is BRAND new and has printed fantastically for all my recent prints on a variety of papers. I've used the ultra thick textured Hahnemuhle papers with no problems and all kinds of others. This problem is specific to a new paper type - Awagami Premium Unryu, which is 165 gsm and has koyo fibers swirled in. 

I downloaded the icc profile from Awagami and used the recommended paper tips - I've tried "high density fine art paper" and "Japanese paper" settings coupled with the icc profile. The color, contrast, and sharpness are fantastic but I'm getting this white streak down the paper. I've tried both my top feed and manual feed. I've selected "prevent paper abrasion" in my settings, but it hasn't helped. I have done roller cleaning and bottom plate cleaning, which also has not helped. I've also selected "do not vacuum" in the advanced paper settings, which also....did not help. 😢

This is literally the only paper I've used that I've had this problem with. The other strange thing is that I printed a color photo and didn't see the streaks, though maybe they're not noticeable because it's a rather busy image. This paper is incredibly expensive, so I would rather not waste any more of it. Anyone on here have some suggestions?





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