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how to calculate cost of Waste Ink in pro-1000?


As metioned in a previous post I beleive my printer wasted most of the ink in cleaning cycles. I setup the Accounting program and see that the cost of the ink per print is low a few buck while the total used ink (in Ink and paper consumed) is almost the full cost of the cartridge an dit now requires replacement. 


I have seen many post here where people say speficic cost values for ink cleaning. Question is , how can I calculate the ink is waste din the cleaning cycles ? 





This is a good question, but doesn't have a simple or even one answer. 


It depends (entirely) on your usage, frequency and quantity.

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There's really very little you can do to stop this. Not cleaning results in bad prints, which cost more time and money than cleaning. What wastes more ink is throwing away cartridges that still have ink in them, and to that end, Canon is much better than Epson in terms of ink waste.