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cyan not printing pro100


Hello, I'm having an issue with my Pixma Pro 100 printing the color cyan. I've tried deep cleaning, bottom plate cleaning and physically unclogging the printer heads to no use. When I do a print test, the Cyan color will show up, but only very faintly and very streaky. Could someone please help with this issue? Thank you!

Some else had the exact same problem than me

I just copied his post since the probles are identical.



The chance of your issues being identical to someone elses problem is unlikely.


You might have the same printer and same behavior, but it is certain your environment is different.


Different Computer


Operating System

Conditions under which the printer is being used


Where to start. When did it last work?  What has changed? 


The most common cause of an issue like this is lack of use.  Inks dry up, print head becomes clogged, etc.  Next would be a problem with the print head itself


Pigment based inks are less forgiving and have a shorter shelf life.  Exposure to air and heat can also contribute to this.    


A new ink cartridge and several deep cleanings might help.  I know, its an expensive undertaking.  The fact that cyan is printing faintly soulds like a problem with ink delivery.


If the above doesn't help or resolve and you've inspected things, I would contact Canon Support.     



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I have tried every trick on the web. including forcing ink with a syringe and it comes out the appropiate head. but it has gotten worse for the last 8 month now it prints no color at all on the cyan bar.

Hi rubiera,


It is recommended that you contact one of Canon's Technical Support Representatives. To contact a Technical Support Representative, please use the link below:

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Canon wants me to buy a new printer. I cannot accept this as a solution. Everything prints well except for Cyan. It is totally absent from the nozzle check. I have done a nozzle alignment. I have cleaned the ink tray. The blue-violet in my art prints is coming out red-violet. I cannot see why I should add my printer to the garbage heap. Why can this not be fixed??????

1. Were you dealing with an official Canon support site? There are sites that claim to be Canon support but are really third party sites. 

2. You didn't say if you ran a nozzle check or a head cleaning. The actions you described won't address a color not printing problem. 

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Hi JR,

Yes, I spoke with Vince in support at Canon. Really nice guy.

Yes, many nozzle checks and headcleanings. Took out all the inks, replaced them. Did a nozzle check with Group 2 and consistently the Cyan doesn't show and the Light Gray comes and goes. The alignment shows cyan.



Some of my final art prints are fine but the printer is printing redviolet where it should be blueviolet. Makes a big difference in my mountain paintings.

Did you ever find a solution? I’m having the same problem.