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can a canon PIXMA PRO-100 print 5 x7 size?


I tried everything and I keep on getting a three flash (or paper) jam message with no paper jam no matter how many times I try to print a 5 x 7 canon photo paper.

Question has been posted several years ago by innumerable users with no answer.



I have been frustrated by the same problem. Someone's comment that a 5 by 7 sheet was to light to feed properly gave me the clue. I replaced the single sheet of 5x7 which I had inserted with 4 or 5 sheets. Problem solved.

you mean that instead of one 5x7 you have to insert 5 sheets of paper!? Can you keep on printing up to five images??

This printer is a monster.


The sheet feeder will handle multiple pieces of photo paper and, yes, you can print additional pictures with the additional sheets. I'm not sure exactly why putting several sheets in the feeder made it work for me where a single sheet just wouldn't feed.. I suspect that it may push the top sheet a bit forward and allowed the roller to grab it where it wouldn't grab if the paper was flat against the back of the feeder. As sheets fed in for subsequent prints, I would just periodically add a few more sheets of blank photo paper to the stack in the feeder.