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Wi-Fi problems with the Pixma Pro-100


The wi-fi connection for this printer only works for about a week, then i get a message saying the printer can't be found.  But what's odd is I can ping it's address and I can connect to it's web interface with the static IP that the printer has.  If I re-run the install with the CD it will work again.  It isn't a router or network problem.  If it was I wouldn't be able to ping it and connect to it's web page.  Seems like a port problem.   Are there known problems with wi-fi for this printer?

Why can't a standard TCP/IP port be used?



Sleep timeout.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

That's one possibility, but not in my case.  I turn the printer off when I'm not using it.

Hello JohnB352.


What version of Windows or Mac OSX is installed on your computer?  Also, please tell us what error occurs when communication fails on the system.


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Hi Michael - I believe I know what the problem was.  My printer had a static IP address.  I believe it was

I have my router configured to start at for DHCP address leases.

When I couldn't print I checked the printer, I discoverd the IP address for the printer was  I used that address to bring up the admin web page for the printer.  It was still set to static.  How it ended up with I don't know.


But anyway, I ran the setup CD again. Set the static IP address to, wrote it down, so I'm sure next time if it changes.  But I've tried it every day since and it's kept that address.  Normally I only use the printer a couple times a month.  So I keep it turned off.  


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