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When will the Pixma Pro 200 become available again?


Hi all,

I've heard great things about the Canon Pixma Pro 200 and want to buy one. But it looks like all vendors show it as "backordered" or "currently unavailable". I'm looking to buy new, not used. Any idea why the shortage or when they'll be available again? Thanks!



Hi, juliahut!  You can order a new PIXMA PRO-200 directly from Canon USA.  We have it in stock right HERE.  Hope this helps!


Hi Danny, thanks for your kind reply. I'm having some trouble with the checkout process.

Around 9am this morning I added the Pixma Pro 200 to my cart and got through all the payment screens, but once I clicked "purchase" it gave me an error message. Said the product wasn't available. 

I left it alone and rechecked it just now, 11am. The Canon website lists it as both "out of stock" and "in stock", depending on whether you are on Chrome or Safari. Either way you get an error message when you add it to the cart.

Any ideas on whats going on or how to proceed? Thanks again for your help.

If you need help with a purchase or inquire about a product's availability, we recommend giving our sales team a call.  You can reach them weekdays and Saturdays at 1-800-385-2155.

Glad we could help!

Will do, thanks!