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Upgraded from pro-10 and pro-1000 and have software/settings questions


Background Just got my pro-1000 and am using it with an iMac.  For now I am printing from Lightroom Clasic with icc profiles.


Question: Do I really have to manually set my paper type and size on the printer?  I still see a printer menu on my computer, with media selction dropdowns, but it doesn't change the settings on the printer.  Do the computer print menu settings matter for type of paper--e.g., if the computer menu is set to matte and the printer is set to Plus semi-gloss, which does the printer use?


Same question for the Canon PP&L plug-in for Lightroom.  If PP&L says matte and the printer is set to Plus semi-gloss, which does the printer use?


Is there anyway to set the printer for paper type/size, etc. from the computer?


Sorry for my confusion-I am coming from a Canon Pro-10 which did not have a menu on the printer.


Thaks in advance for sharing your wisdom. R


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Rjsphd,


When loading paper into the printer, it will ask what size and type of paper was loaded. The setting is so the printer can warn you if the settings selected when printing on the computer do not match the paper that is loaded in the printer. The paper settings in the print window on the Mac will not change the settings for the loaded paper that were set on the display of the pro-1000. The message to set the paper type and size will only appear on the printer when the paper tray is open and closed.



Your answer confuses me.  I just set the print driver on my iMac  to Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss and Letter Size.  The printer still says Japanese Paper a3+ from my previous print job.   I put in the letter size paper and get the semi gloss results consistent with my icc proflile. 


As far as I can see, the settings for paper type and size  on the pro-1000 are totally superflous and don't do anything for my job. (Yes, the warning for mismatch has been switched off).


What bugs me is that in the menus on the printer are paper types that ARE NOT IN THE DRIVER!  For instance, I have a paper that says to use  Fine Art Paper High Density, but that is not a choice on my print driver.  I only have FAP Highest Density.  Not the same thing.  Lo and behold, FAP High Density is in one of the menus on the printer.


This inconsistency makes no sense and is frustrating like crazy.


Simply put, how do I get ALL the paper choices supported by Canon into my print driver? (It is the latest version)