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Swapping Cartridges on a Pro-100


I recently got a new Pro-100 and want to take the partially used cartridges from my old Pro-100 and use them in the new one.  Is there a problem swapping partial cartridges?




Let me be upfront and admit that I have never tried this. What I am about to say comes from my perusal of the internet looking for a solution to my color cast PRO-100 issue which is a different issue entirely. 


A CLI-42 cartridge is a CLI-42 cartridge. It should work. That said, your question triggered in my head something I saw in a YouTube video about refilling and reusing ink cartridges for the PRO-100. (I don't refill cartridges.) The person, who had done a ton of printer videos, recommended only filling the cartridges to 3/4 full (similar to your partially used cartridges) and, here is the kicker, the chip on the cartridge will not work (reset) after being removed and refilled. I draw a parallel to your situation of moving the cartridge from one printer to the other. What he said was that the cartridge works but you are unable to track ink levels so you have to be careful as to when it is time to pull and replace the cartridge.


Hope that provides some kind of answer until someone who may have actually tried it jumps in to tell me I'm crazy! 



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