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Sorry Urgent Revisit Pro 10 Won't Load paper


Writing from Washington state. My Amazon purchased Pixma Pro 10 printer has always refused to load --only offering it the Canon approved photo paper which came with the order from Amazon. (Glossy or "luster" I don't have the label but have all sheets but one due to machine's balky behavior) I use manual feed (or try to) as, of course, the rear feed tray practically spits at a single sheet of photo thickness. Yet always the 2 orange flash alarm of "No paper" mischief. Yes, I saw my fellow Irishman mistook the two trays but I did learn which is rear and which is the manual feed tray. More data so you can help: I avoid over pinching with side guards, use portrait orientation, the paper is NOT curled but nicely straight, only load 1-2 darn sheets at a time, have NO paper jam ( I almost long for it though), have cleaned roller heads repeatedly even though they have not exerted themselves save for a single print. I have found no extraneous packing material though I do see a liner of grey foam (which looks like it belongs?) I have successfully (though only once) printed from rear feed a plain thin paper sheet, Whoopee...

My urgency: I have been working Urgent care & ER ( am a doctor) but had a serious COVID exposure; now quarantined, have a fever. No available swabs for a test yet. Elderly, bad heart. My grown kids had a single request, asking could I print up some family photos as they are far away. They don't know what's up. I want to do this one thing before. And I cannot... due to the **bleep** machine.  I am heartsick & hoping to accomplish this before I go. If any other ideas, please forgive me this long post. I have used many Canon printers the one benefit of being old. Used Pro 100, another Pro 10 and many other PIXMA's  I would like to grant my kids their wish. canon USA won't/ can't suggest as they tell me the I have incorrect #'s on the back of my Amazon Pro 10. I think they are implying Amazon sold me a forged Pro 10?? I think this is nonsense but don't have the time to debate. I hope it is not then inappropriate to turn here? If so, please delete

22 hours of trying & no luck. Don't worry about responding if this post is still here in a few days. Thank you very much if you have read this.   

Stay well, stay indoors, and may you find moments of wonder, joy, & hope, even in these hard days.  Peace, ML MD


Product Expert
Product Expert



Let's try a test of your PIXMA PRO-10.  Please turn your printer on and load a letter sized sheet of plain paper in the rear tray.


Once the paper is loaded, please press and hold the RESUME button until the power light blinks two times.  The Resume button is the middle button on the front of the printer.


Does a test page print?




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