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Ok, likely a stupid first post, but here goes.  I just received my PRO-100 and am wondering what software to install.  I have read that the "My Image Garden" really should not be run.  Is the software on the disc that came with the printer where I should start or do I start with the "Mini Master Setup" on Canons download page and then move on from there?


I would appreciate your input and help.





Seems I was in a bit of a hurry last night when I posted the question regarding software and perhaps I need to spend alittle more time in explaining my question.


As mentioned I recieved my Pro-100 several days ago and proceeded to load the software and pretty much loaded everything that was on the included disc without paying much attention.  The load went fine and everything seemed to be functioning normally.


Then I found this forum and read several things that got me thinking about some of the desicions I had made while installing the software.  Primarily, several seemed to indicate that the "My Image Garden" software is not very good and should be avoided.


So I decided to uninstall all of the Canon software and to start over, paying   more attention to what I was doing.  I also decided to look on Canon's website for newer software/drivers.  While the disk that comes with the printer seems to be an all in one resource, the website seems to break all the different parts out.  And some of the software/drivers on the website appear to be newer than what is present on the disk, which is quit often the case.


So I guess the real question I meant to ask last night was this.  If I use the software on Canon's website, would I start by installing the Mini Master Setup file or the Printer Driver?  I am thinking the first one, but just want to verify that.  And after that is installed, then I would just move down to the software files and install what I want/need?  Do I have this process somewhat correct?


There also seems to be an issue with the software loading correctly even after uninstalling it, but I will figure that out.


Thanks for your help and I hope that I have done a better job in asking this question.




Hi Lon,


Yes, the website contatins the latest drivers and software for the printer.  You would install the Mini Master Setup file from the Recommended for You section first to install the drivers, then install the software you would like to use with the printer from the Software section.  When using the Mini Master Setup file, you do not need to install the items from the Drivers section.


Hope this helps!


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