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Skewed borders on Canon Pro 1000 prints




This is the first time I've posted on a forum and really hope someone can help. 


I've recently bought a Canon Pro 1000 printer after having many years successfully printing my illustrations with a Pro 100. I am by no means a printing expert but have tried everything I can think of for this problem with no joy. 


Some of my designs include a white border (which I favour instead of mounts). Trouble is when printing the artwork the borders are all over the place. The pic here is from an A2 print. The print design is set up with borders of 4.25cm. When printed (through PhotoShop) the artwork is consistently wonky on the page - have tried both the top and manual feed and the same issue. 


Feels like the paper is being pulled through on one side fractionally faster than the other so the margins are reasonably close at the top of the print but by the bottom of the print (see pic) they are way off. 


I use 285gsm matte paper. I use the correct profile and have cleaned the rollers.  


Can anyone help 🙂









skewed print.jpeg

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