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PRO 100 printing blues as magenta


Please excuse this reduntant question, I have tried to search prior discussions just can not find the correct fix. I have a PRO-100 and it is printing my blues magenta. I am using a mac book pro as my editing device. I have tried cleaning the heads, changed inks. I will admit that I am not that savy in the finer details of changing things using a Mac. Just switched back to a mac after using windox box for a long time. Can someone please give some assistance on how to get my blues back without crying the blues. Love the printer. I use LR mainly and I have LR doing the color not the printer. I think that I may be missing a setting within the canon software because when the print window comes up to choose paper and other settings, I can not choose color settings. Thanks! 



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Three things to try and then come back if there is still a problem:


1. since you are on a Mac check in System Preference->Printers & Scanners to be sure that you have added the IJ Series version of the Pro-100 and not the AirPrint version. If you see AirPrint click the "+" icon and wait a few minutes for the IJ Series version to appear.


2. have you run a nozzle check to be sure all colors are printing correctly?


3. Download the test image from the following website. Open it in LR and print it - do not make any adjustments regardless of how the image looks on screen.


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