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Pro-300 Utility Menu via USB on Mac


I just set up my new Pro-300 and all is looking good so far. It prints great, but I’ve got a question about accessing the Utility interface from a Mac. I’m running Monterey (latest version) on a 24” M1 iMac, connected to the Pro-300 via USB.

In the Mac System Preferences/Printers & Scanners, when I click on the Pro-300 and then Options & Supplies, then Utility, and then Open Printer Utility, all I get is a little popup to view Media Information, Online Printing Resources, and Custom Settings. I get no Utility menu for Nozzle Check, Print Head Cleaning, etc. I read in the manual that when connected via WiFi or a network, you should see a selection in the Options & Supplies window that says “Show Printer Webpage”, which is the Remote UI to get to these utilities. Just below the comment about the Show Printer Webpage, it says “When the printer is being used via USB, Show Printer Webpage will not display.”

Ok, so I can see that a webpage would be a convenient way of accessing these utilities when connected via WiFi or a network. But there’s gotta be another menu option somewhere to get to those utilities via USB, without going through a webpage. Can it possibly be that there is no solution to access the same utilities from Mac when directly connected via USB?