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Pro-1000 large format unfinished prints


Hi All,

I'm new here and this is my first post, found this thread while searching on internet. I'm experiencing problems with the pro-1000'm trying to print A3 picturea but the printer does not complete them.


I tried 3 times but it stops randomly, never finishing it.
The printer is connected through wi-fi to the router, not directly connected with usb cable to the Mac.
the image is a black and white 8368x5584 with 300dpi resolution. any suggestion? is it connection issue for your experience? or is it a too large file? it is 18mb.
The software used to print is "professional print & layout" from canon.
thank you all.



I have printed files almost a gigabit on my Pro-2000, so I don't think it's the file size. It could be a connection issue. Although the printer shouldn't start until it has the whole image downloaded, perhaps your model is slightly different and it prints as it loads. If your computer goes into a sleep mode or screensaver amidst your printing process, that could explain that.

I've had jobs saving to the printer, came back hours later and they never printed. I realized the computer itself was the interruption and adjusted my sleep mode accordingly.

Without any error code, these printers don't normally end the job and push the paper out unless they think the job is complete. If it was a printer error I believe the printer would pause and prompt you to do something, like if the paper was loaded askew.

Something else to consider is to see if this happens when you uncheck borderless printing. I don't see why this would make a difference initially but I would want to rule it out and dive in more if it worked one way and not the other.


I have just realized that using Wi-Fi connection causes all kinds of problems.  I've spent two hours struggling to make the printer print more than 1/4 inch before it spits out the page.  Having tried "everything", I got a network cable out and connected it directly to my office hub. The problem is now gone, and it prints fast, reliably and every time.

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