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Pro-1000 error 1062 - size mismatch on 17x22 paper


I am encountering a error 1062 when attempting to print on Canon 17x22 paper. Printing is fine on other sizes (ex 13x19).  I am on n Mac OS 12.0.1 and have a USB connection to printer. All firmware is up to date (3.01) as are drivers (version 3.0). I have tried printing a file directly from the Mac printer dialogue as well as from the Canon Professional Layout utility. Both have the same 1062 error. I have tried the ANSI C entry as well as the 17x22 entry in the paper sizes on the Mac and the selection is always 17x22 on the printer and the paper loaded (top) is Canon 17x22 PPP. Once the error is displayed I press the triangle key and then get a "processing ... please wait "  message which does not end. I then turn off the printer. I have tried  the auto detect paper size in both on and off on the printer settings. Any suggestions?



Check if the paper has square right angles.  I had a batch (different manufacturer) once.  Couldn’t print any of them.  They were replaced.