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Pro-100 one set of inks won't print

I bought a Pro-100 about 18 months ago, after being a devoted Epson user for years.  I was very happy with the print quality and, even if I didn't print for a couple of weeks had no problem with head clogging.


Then I had some things come up and didn't print anything for a couple of months.  Part of the black/gray/lt gray/cyan side was not printing, so I finished up the genuine Canon inks with cleaning, and replaced them as needed with a set of genuine Canon inks I bought from Canon's website.  After a few cleanings, even the particularly stubborn light gray was printing OK, so I thought all was well.


A week or so later I sent a nice 13x19 print to the printer and it was horrible again.  It took several more cleanings and some printing in between cleanings to finally get a clean nozzle test.  The magenta/yellow side always printed 4 clean full test bars, but the black/gray/cyan side was a sutbborn problem.  I used up most of my $120 set of Canon inks in cleaning, which was eventually successful, but I was becoming discouraged with Canon printers  (although I have an MG7720 that prints beautifully even if it's sat unused for a month or longer).


Now we were busy with the holidays for about 3 weeks, and I thought "I'd better print something or that sucker will clog up again.  Cautiously I printed a nozzle test, and the entire black/gray/cyan side was completely blank, and I've run through a deep cleaning and several regular ones, using up another expensive set of Canon inks, and I still have complete blanks on that side...not even a partial bar like before, and no sign of any improvement.


Carts were all pretty full when I started, and the clogged ones are wet with ink like they should be; set one prints perfectly and did on the first head check, set two prints nothing.


A search led me to a suggestion of "reinstall the drivers" which sounded ridiculous, but to make sure I tried from another network machine (the printer is on the wired network) with the same results...absolutely no black/gray/lt gray/cyan.


So much for "genuine Canon inks".  I'm not buying another $120 set of Canon inks for this disaster...I got maybe a half dozen 13x19's out of the last 2 sets, the rest was used for cleaning.


With old, long-neglected Epsons we used to use a few drops of Windex on the sponge where the heads park, and it was always successful eventually.  Does anyone know of any fix for this situation with the Pro-100?  I have some third party inks coming to see if I can get it to print, and if not it will go in the recycling and end my relationship with Canon printers for good, other than the reliable little MG7720, for which I will switch to the less-ridiculously priced third party inks.


I rember the old printer forums where Canon fans would deride Epsons as "always clogging", which is an exaggeration but they do at times have some issues.  But I never had any that would not clean up via windex or a new cartridge.  This Pro-100 has probably given me 25 large prints in total, and though the printer was pretty inexpensive with a rebate, the per-print cost is ridiculously high.  I haven't contacted Canon support as it's not under warranty and I'm not interested in sending it in for repair...I'll cut my losses and return to Epson.


So any suggestions to save me from having to trash this thing would be really welcome...I'm not adverse to taking things apart if needed, and at this point I have nothing to lose, but spending more money on it isn't an option.  Sorry for the long post but I'm still mad from looking at those last print head check results.

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Re: Pro-100 one set of inks won't print

There's a YouTube channel that may help. Go to YouTube and search for "jtoolman". Then click on "Jose Rodriguez" (the first channel that comes up.) He has a ton of videos on the Pro-100 and other photo inkjet printers. When you get to his channel, click on the magnifying glass to search through his channel only, and type in "clog". You'll get a whooooole bunch of videos; I hope one of them helps you!



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Re: Pro-100 one set of inks won't print

Thanks for the tip, Neil! I'll check it out and hopefully find something that works (and hopefully lasts so I don't have to be afraid to let the printer sit for a week).
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Re: Pro-100 one set of inks won't print - Success, I hope...

I about fell over when I walked into the shop and saw a nozzle check page with all the bars full and clear (I have a stack of probably 20 pages of unsuccessful ones with all of the right-side color bars blank.  As a last resort, I was going to remove the print head and soak it in Windex, but since it was that entire group not printing I had just about concluded it was a failed print head and the printer was destined for the trash heap.


I didn't find much new about the specific issue on the YouTube channel (though lots of good other information), so I resorted to my old "neglected Epson printer" tricks and filled a syringe with Windex.  I had already tried drops of windex on the pads atop the print head where the cartridge transfers the ink, with no success at all.


So with a blunt-needle syringe I forced a few drops of Windex down into those same pads (only on the clogged colors), then put a few more drops into the spongy material at the bottom of those cartridges.  Almost decided to fill some old carts with Windex and try printing or cleaning, but hadn't gotten that far.


Not expecting much, I waited a half hour then again hit the "print nozzle check".  Didn't even bother to go look for a while, as I expected it to look like the other 20 pages, after all sorts of cleaning, deep cleaning, cartridge changes, etc.  But no, I walked in and there was a perfect sheet, with all the color bars full and smooth!  Skeptical, I ran back and picked out an 8x10 and loaded some glossy paper, and sure enough, it printed fine.


If anyone from Canon reads this, you all need to find a better way for cleaning stubborn clogs that happen for no other reason than the printer sitting unused for 3 weeks.  Wasting $120 worth of ink and buying another $120 set may be good for your stockholders, but in my case it's good for the third-party ink people, because I'm done using OEM inks.


This printer had never used anything but genuine Canon inks, and yet it clogged far worse than any Epson I owned since 1995, after sitting about 3 weeks (shut off properly, not using a power strip and with no low cartridges).  I wanted to use OEM inks due to the better assurance of print longevity and color-quality control, but pumping expensive ink through them in hopes of unclogging is, in this case, not within reason.  I may opt for refilling, or stick with the 1/10th the cost third party inks, but my faith in this printer is gone, though it prints beautiful prints.


Thanks to Neil for the help, even though I was unable to find the exact issue.

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Re: Pro-100 one set of inks won't print

Well, here's something that will make all of you feel smarter, because of my own bone-headed move.  Struggled for over an hour trying to figure out why prints looked great at low res, and green on high res.  Great after a delay and green on the second print.  One color (photo Magenta) prints good on a nozzle check, then disappears on the second nozzle check.


Well, if you forget to take the tape off one of the vent holes when you install a new set of cartridges...


They look great now!

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