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Pro 100 is printing dark and dull

New Contributor

Running Win 10, using Pro 100 printer, an ASUS 32" 4k monitor with an Nvidea GEFORCE GTX 1050Ti,  Adobe LR and Hallmark card software are my two main graphics programs. Most notable is when printing cards, the colors aren't true, are dark and dull. I've searched online and here and did find a thread from 2014, but it left out details I need to fix the issue. Has anyone else run across this issue? Can't think of anything new or what I may have done to cause this as it was working beautifully until a few weeks ago. Thanks, Jim


Reputable Contributor

Hi jimh4914.


A primary issue when comparing a computer monitor's output to a printer's output is that the monitor settings, while pleasing, may not be true.  Simple monitor calibrations are usually available through the graphics card's utilities to ensure a more true display.  If the monitor is an LCD display, then the angle at which you're viewing the screen will also negatively impact color-accuracy on the screen.


Once you've ensured the monitor's colors are accurate, the next thing to check is your workflow.  Each program understands and renders images through ICC Profiles.  These are mathematical models used by the computer to conceptualize colors as numbers.  Each time color information is translated from one ICC profile to another, that color information may become warped or skewed, reducing color accuracy.  For optimal color accuracy, minimize the number of times image data is shifted between ICC profiles.


The final key piece of information is the paper ICC profiles.  While computer monitors and display use the additive spectrum (RGB) to produce images using light, printing uses the subtractive spectrum (CMYK) to apply inks to paper for image quality.  Each paper's qualities (brightness/luminousity, absorbency, etc.) affect the amount of ink and speed of printing for best quality.  For this reason, each paper type uses an appropriate ICC profile.  If printing to non-Canon paper, double-check that the ICC Profile or Media Type setting in the program or print setting matches the type of paper to which you're printing.


Note: if you're printing to non-Canon paper, check the paper manufacturer's website for recommended settings or proprietary ICC profiles for use on the PRO-100.


If the above is set correctly, the driver features a tool for ensuring color accuracy using pattern printing.

For more information on how ICC profiles can affect image quality, see Information on Color Spaces and Rendering Intent.

Thank you Darius. Just received my i1 Pro yesterday and plan to calibrate later today, and based on your reply it appears I need to bone up on ICC Profiles. As far as choosing the correct paper, it's the same I've used for years as well as the same identity when selecting it in the "paper type" description. 


Should I download and install a fresh set of ICC files for the 100? Meanwhile I'll do as you've suggested and try to determine whether there's a proprietary set of ICC's for Hallmark Card Studio.


Thanks again.  Jim