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Pro 1 Panoramics


I'm trying to print using a custom size on my Pro 1. I input the custom size which is 210mm x 594mm during setup and select fit to page. When the print is complete only half the sheet of paper has the image on it. The image is complete but not to the dimentions that I input. This is doing my head in. Can anyone help?



What software are you using to resize the image?  Similarly, what software are you using to print the image?  Do you save it in a resized form, and then print it....or do you resize the image and print as "fit to page" all in one shot?  Why do you have to redefine a custom page size every time that you print?  <---- Red Flag


What is the DPI, Dots per Inch, setting in the image file?  By changing the DPI value, you can effectively "resize" an image.  For example, doubling the value will reduce the  "canvas size" by a factor of four, because it reduces the horizontal and vertical dimensions.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Waddizle thanks for replying. Here are the details of the image I'm trying to print.


Dims: 14931 x 4930 - 69.6mp

image size 19.6mb


image size in inches: 23.39 x 8.27

24bit colour.


I'm using ACDSEE to print from.


Hope that helps.

"I'm using ACDSEE to print from." 


Sorry, I am not familiar with that abbreviated name.  Have you tried to use Print Studio Pro?  I forgot to ask what size paper you are trying to use to print the image. 


In my experience, unexpected results can arise when you allow the computer to make "automatic decisions" for you, such as automatically re-sizing an image to fit a given paper size.  Some print devices can handle re-sizing better than others, but usually at the cost of speed.  I would change the PPI to fit the paper you are using, instead of doing a "fit to paper" output.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I installed Print Studio Pro and it has worked a treat. Thanks for that Wadizzle. Your help was very much appreciated.