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Printing to DVD Disk From Photoshop and Other Apps


I have Sure Thing disk labeling software and Photoshop CC that I use to create labels. There doesn't seem to be any presets for using this specific printer to work with DVD disks. How do I get the info for this printer into the other apps so that they show up as choices in the print settings? Your user manual gives NO information on this. What settings should I use?


For example, in the Photoshop print settings, when I select the Pro-100 as the printer it shows a print preview window that is inaccurate. It shows a 5.95" x 12.6" document with the print design in the center vertically and horizontally. But, the DVD is not in the center of the print tray. It is about 2/3rd of the way up and slightly to the left. The computer needs to know the exact position settings so that it prints where it's supposed to.


In the Sure Thing software, the presets do not even list this printer. It seems when you install the printer driver software, that all of that information should be installed into any apps that use the printer. The same goes for the DVD case inserts.

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