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Pixma pro 100 - Printer Alignment still has banding


I have a Pixma Pro 100 and had issues with banding so I ran deep clean after the regular clean didn't work. Deep clean did nothing either.

I followed up and manually aligned the printheads, but the first page that printed, down column H every pattern block has streaks, the entire column looks like uniform blocks filled with streaks. 


And the last page that prints at the end of the manual alignment which is just pinks and grays, the last half of the columns are extremely faded and half-printed. 


Has anyone every had an issue like this? I'd love any help/suggestions. 


Rising Star

Hi seeuspacecowboy,


To troubleshoot the issue I would recommend reseating the print head. For images and information on resteating the print head, click HERE.  There may be some ink on the print head. This is to be expected. Do not attempt to clean the print head with alcohol, solution, or water.


After reseating the print head, perform two more Cleanings followed by printing the auto head alignment. 

click here to view the press release