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Pixma Pro 10s print head flushing

Hi, I have a Pixma Pro 10s which printed great photos when I first got it. Unfortunatley I didn't realise that leaving it for long periods of non-use would affect the print head and a drop in quality of print would occur.


This seems to have happened with my printer. I recently installed a new set of ink cartridges after a non use period of about 10 months. My prints were dull and lacking colour saturation, so I ran several print head cleaning funstions on the printer dialogue, plus a few deep cleaning sessions, but to no great avail... my prints still seem dull. 


In order to get anywhere near the former quality, I have to really brighten the image on screen, and increase the saturation by approx 15%.


I am wondering is there a way that I can flush the print head? I saw a couple of videos on youtube on how to do it with other Canon Inkjet printers, but not the 10s Pro.


Also, if I just leave it and keep printing + running cleaning cycles will it right itself and go back to normal.


*yesterday I removed the print head and cleaned off any eccess ink that had gathered around the nozzle area and surrounds. I used a cotton bud dampened in a mix of water and rubbing alcohol. I made sure not to touch any of the copper electronic plate at the back of the print head.

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Re: Pixma Pro 10s print head flushing

Depending on how bad the clogging is you could keep running deep cleaning cycles and hope it clears. Since you already ran several deep cleaning cycles you could try this:



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Re: Pixma Pro 10s print head flushing

hi, thanks for the reply.. I have tried this already with water and I think the print head has been flushed, although I haven't tried printing yet. I am just wondering, is it bad to add a drop of isopropyl alcohol to the water?

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