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Pixma Pro 10 won't load paper


Brand new out-of-the-box Pixma Pro 10 won't load Canon Luster or plain paper.  If I manually,, and very carefully stand there to hand-feed the manual tray, can get it to feed a single 81/2x 11 Canon Luster.  Any help, please?


Sorry to waste your time... 4 roller cleanings finally worked.



Yes, I've tried alll the suggestions to no avail.  And why did my previous disappear fron the Board?

Hello Slidezone!


Welcome to the Canon Community Forums and thank you for your post!


Your previous message was moved to the Professional Printers board, as the PIXMA Pro 10 is a professional printer. If you view your posts, you'll be able to find the original as well as reply to it directly. We have also taken the liberty of moving this question to your original post as well.



Oh, OK.  Thank you.

Is there a way to fix this issue? Only certain types of printing paper will feed