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Pixma Pro-10 print head problem


Hi! I expect my question has been answered somewhere, but I am new to the board.  Hope you will indulge me.  I have a Pixma Pro-10 that I acquired from someone who did not use it for 4 years.  6 of the 10 printer heads were clogged completely and others partially.  I was able to clean 9 of the 10 heads.  72R is still not firing.  When I run a deep cleaning the R72 cartridge depletes as expected but the head still does not print.  Is it possible something other than a clog is the problem? 




I have a similar issue with the PBK.  Not printing but the ink is going somewhere.  

Hi! I was able to fix my printer with a simple solution.  The printhead disassembles easily.  I used distilled water, a small basin and a spoon. It took about 2 1/2 hours but I got the printhead completely clean.  I don't know if we are allowed to put links in this forum but if you type into Google "Pixma Pro 10 printhead clogged" look for a YouTube video by Tom's Computer Tips you will see a video of how to Safely clean the printhead.  My printer works awesome now! Follow the directions implicitly as failure to do so could fry the printhead.

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