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Photo Paper Pro Premium Matte

Pro-100 printer will not let me use the normal tray to print 13X19 Photo Parer Pro Premium Matte paper. Must use the hand load tray at rear of printer. The little illustration on that tray leads me to believe that the paper must be loaded print side "down". How can this be? Also, the printer will not print anything larger that 11X17. What's the sense in buying 13X19 paper? Thanks for any information concerning this printer and this paper....



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Re: Photo Paper Pro Premium Matte

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Paper goes in print side up.  The icon is showing the white backing folded up and an image with a border facing up (at least thats how I interpret it.)


Not sure what you mean about max printer size. Did you choose A3+ as paper size? thats 13x19. With Premium Matte you will need to select the Fine Art version of A3+.

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Re: Photo Paper Pro Premium Matte

Thanks John

    Needed some reinforcement on that. I will spend a bit more time at set up to see if I can get a 13X19 print. Again thanks...



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Re: Photo Paper Pro Premium Matte

Chris I would need way more info.  What OS?  What software? What settings?  Anything else you may be doing?

But right off the print side of the paper is supposed to be up.  Not down.

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