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Green in solid black images


Pro 9000 Mark II


Image is a composite of shots from the solar eclipse...Using a blending mode that should manage black levels fairly well.





Printing from Photoshop. Letting Printer control colors. Images is a 8bit PSD file. Adobe RGB is the color space. 

Printer is set for Standard color handling. Custom Highest quality using the Canon Matte Photopaper profile for the appropriate paper type.


Apologies for the crumpled paper. As you can imagine I am a bit fustrated with this as this is the 3rd time I have tried to recreate the image and print this on 13x19 paper.





As you can see, the areas where the glow from the sun edge is yellow fading into a range of blacks, the printer prints this as green halation. 


All cartridges are full. The printer can print black in with other colors as I have done many test prints. Seems to be something about these black images because other images from the same series are doing the same.


Very frustrated. Initally thought it was a bit depth mismatch as they were 16 bit to start with, which produced an almost solid light green for the back ground.


Anyone have any ideas.







Hi tombenson,


In order to better assist you, allow me to ask a couple questions:


  • Do you get the same effect on other brands or types of paper?
  • Do you get the same greenish tint when printing from another program, like Easy-PhotoPrint?
  • What is your rendering intent?

I look forward to your reply.



Canon LIVE! Canon LIVE!