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Faint Print Lines - Canon Pixma Pro 100


Hello! Been a user of the Canon Pixma Pro 100 (windows) for some years now and it’s been pretty well taken care of. It’s my baby and I Love it.

I run maintenance as needed, and it doesn’t sit idle much, but recently did have a long time out.

I’ve come to notice faint print lines on a lot of my prints, mostly in areas with reds. I print mostly in Photoshop, allowing photoshop to manage colors, but still utilizing the printer properties. 





The lines happen on all types of paper, which  utilize Canon Luster and Red River Satin, along with their matching ICC profiles. I’ve gone through a deep cleaning recently and alignment. I don’t think I’m missing something in the printer settings, but if it matters, it gives me the option to select “best” instead of “standard” for print quality in the printer property selection. 

Any help would be appreciated!



It looks like print banding to me. They are always vertical? You have done the common things to help eliminate it?

Cleaning and alignment?

I don't know exactly how you have your Pro-100 setup but I understand you use Photoshop. I will tell you how I set mine up. First turn off all printer control.  All of it, don't let the Pro-100 control anything. Let Photoshop handle it. You can do this with the Canon My Printer under the Printer Settings tab. I use AdobeRGB color space. Let PS manage colors and match colors.  Get the gray-scale very close on your monitor in its setting tool.  You need to get the brightness / contrast very close, too. Most people tend to have the monitor set way too bright. Your printer may be doing exactly what you are telling it to.

Banding will always be worse in shadow areas so avoiding that is good but usually not easy. You are using Canon brand ink? I would say it isn't likely you have worn out the head out but it's always a possibility. If cleaning and alignment doesn't help it may be worn out.

Do the easy setup changes I recommended above first.

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