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Does the printer PRO-200 work with Print Studio Pro?


Hi Everyone,


I just purchased the PRO-200 because yesterday my PRO-10 stopped to work.


I have installed all the drivers.

When I try to print using Print Studio Pro with Photoshop CC2021, the following message is displayed:

"A printer supported bu this software is not found. Connect a printer supported by this software, and the install its dreiver.

Existing Print Studio Pro".


I work with Windows 10.


It used to work with my PRO-10.

I can print with the print command of Photoshop but it is less useful.


Does anyone know if the printer PRO-200 is supported by Print Studio Pro?


Thanks for your reply and your help

Amar Guillen



Hi Again,


Finally, I found the solution to solve my problem.


Print Studio Pro does not support the PRO-10 printer.


A new software name Professional Print & Layout (PPL) is available on the canon website. It works like PSP but it works with the new printers.


The software runs under Photoshop CC2021 (same way to configure for PSP). But there is also a stand alone program for those who do not want to use a host application.


For Windows, I downloaded the software using this link:


I am sure that for MAC users, there is a link.


I hope it will help someone.


Amar Guillen