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Difference between Photo Paper Pro Premium Matte A vs. Photo Paper Pro Premium Matte


I've two profiles available for this paper; what's the difference between the A and the non A?



In the Canon Media Configuration Tool program you can review the options between the two and see what the differences are. Test them both and see which option you like best. You can also copy those settings to a custom setting and just change little details until you get it to come out the way you want. Overall, the paper you're using should have some sort of indication of what setting you should use. I would try either the Canon 1-800 number to make sure you're using the correct setting. I've also had good luck with a Canon authorized retailer and paper supplier, Shades of Paper in New Jersey. Since they sell both the printers and the papers they're very good at knowing how to make those adjustments.


LOL. This is such a non answer. Does anyone from Canon look at these forums? it's a good question, and I did look around the interwebs but didn't find an answer. 

Troll under an alias, not your brand. I look up to you and like your brand.

I don't even know what this means. I'm certainly not trolling. But I am sort of saying, in the kindest way I know how, that your answer was of no help. Telling somone to call the 1-800 number or read the specs doesn't help. 

I did in fact try and answer this and spent a good 20 minutes searching the interwebs for an answer, but didn't find one. It would be cool to know what the answer is to this. I'm curious as well, having just purchased a Canon Pro 2100. 


As I am in the middle of profiling  a whole bunch of papers, this question was of interest to me. I was hoping someone here could answer, but alas, no answers. So after not finding anything on the interwebs, I called and navigated the labyrinth of Canon phone support.  

What I found was this. You're looking for the "Canon Media Data Sheet", and although it's not easy to find, it can be found here: 

This has a full list of media parameters. Under that list is listed "Pro Premium Matte", and that can be found here: 

Unfortunately that list does not contain "Pro Premium Matte A", as opposed to "Pro Premium Matte", and the person on the phone didn't know the answer either, and was only able to send me the list. 

I'm sorry I couldn't actually answer your question, but this is as far as I could get. Perhaps someone from Canon could help answer this, since even the support line wasn't able to do so. 

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