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Canon pro-100 firmware upgrade from 1.1 to 2031


I havent been using my printer so i haven't been doing my firmwares updates like i should.  I missed 1.2 and 1.3, now i want to update it to the latest firmware and it keeps giving me an error.  I have tried my windows 10 and windows 7 and  both are giving me the same error while updating the firmware.   it shuts down the printer mid way and says it cannot connect to the printer.  no data transfers.   drivers are installed on the computer and it works, and it can print.  i just want to update the firmware.  If someone can kindly help me with this, thank you in advance.

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Toolio, I remember the earlier post that you're referring too. I'm going to call tomorrow nevertheless and will post any updates here. It won't hurt for everyone to call in. My concern remains that the printer might turn into a very heavy brick on the next firmware update, if I can't resolve this issue.

Hi ArthurJ,
Thank you for that reminder. I will call. For those of you still following this string, I originally looked into upgrading the firmware because I was having a color management issue. I actually found that upgrading the printer driver (as noted in my earlier post) solved the color management issue. I'm still very interested in getting the firmware updated though.

I think Canon should spell out the benefits of this upgrade. I notice small changes, nothing worth all this grief this upgrade is causing many pro printer users. An increase in printing speed would be welcome.


My 2 cents. I haven't read the entire thread but in my work I avoid printer firmware upgrades like the Covid if the printer is running properly. I don't trust the manufacturers and know they will slip into the firmware code that will prevent one from using 3rd party inks (which I've used for more than a decade for different printers. FWIW, when a printer is running a complete set of the manufacturer's inks I print a sample print that has each color individually printing it's own color, then when I install 3rd party inks I do the same test printing. I've found little to no color difference between these and hold onto them in a Printers folder and keep a set posted in my printing room to note changes when exposed to room light.) I just lost my networked Epson office printer due to someone on the network (spouse) updating the drivers/firmware thinking they were doing a good service. This gave me immediate printing artifacts which I developed a workaround for but finally had to get rid of it. Moral of the story, don't upgrade the firmware unless you know all of what it's intended to do.

short feedback: updated my printer to the new firmware via wifi. Took me 2 minutes, resetting the cartridges is still possible

How is this possible via wifi?  The firmware update utility that I downloaded is for USB only.


@petrena wrote:
short feedback: updated my printer to the new firmware via wifi. Took me 2 minutes, resetting the cartridges is still possible


the alias is PRETENA .. sound like PRETEND to me.  cannot update via wireless


Hi, have you some news?


Add another user that can't update their firmware. Just a note, I saw on the Jose Rodrigues youtube channel that the older firmware cause too much ink to be used to maintain the printhead. He says that the newer firmware resolves this issue, so if true, this is a very important update.


By the way, I am trying to update my PRO-10. I also have a Pro-100, on which I am going to attemp the update. I will post the results for that machine.

My Pro-100 successfully updated from firmware version 2.001. No issues. Still can't get the Pro-10 to update, but it is on firmware version 1.1.


Maybe if we could find the updater for 1.1 to 2.001, then maybe we could update in steps to 2.0031?

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