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Canon Pro-1000 repair question


My printer (canon pro-1000) got a paper jam, and while trying to remove the paper a piece broke inside the printer. It's the white guide as the paper comes through. I clearly can't get it back in, or take the entire printer apart, so I think I need a repair. 


Is there a way to contact Canon or ask about repair. I can't seem to email, and the only way is to call. I was on hold for over an hour and gave up. 


Here's what's broken: 





So, it looks like when I purchased this my vendor neglected to tell me that there was a 3 year warranty available, so now I'm stuck with this problem. The white plastic guide popped out, and the only way to fix this would be to disassemble the printer and fix it myself, or find a place to do it. 


It's a small stupid thing, but it has turned the printer into a brick. Does anyone have any idea how to disassemble one of these things? I've tried, and it's not at all obvious. But for $1300 I'm willing to try it. I've got absolutely nothing to lose. 

I'd contact Canon.  


Once you start disassembly any warranty you have ends.  

Bay Area - CA

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As I said, it's already out of warranty, and it's a brick right now, so I have nothing to lose by taking it apart. The question is how. I honestly can't figure it out.