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Canon Pixma Pro-10 Dropping Layers from Mac (OS Monterey 12.6.1)


Since 2015, I have used a Pixma Pro-10 to print images developed in Adobe Illustrator (hi res images with "layers"). I always print from the Mac "Preview" app--it results in the best color accuracy and allows me to access the Canon paper/color details. Recently, the printer started dropping layers from my images--so I am losing texture and detail on the images (photos below). It's happening on all images. The images are "flattened" and merged from Illustrator (so there is just one layer). If I print from Adobe Acrobat, the layers appear but the colors are wrong.

I am on the latest Mac OS (OS Monterey 12.6.1) and I've updated the Canon driver. As with others on these boards, my work depends on this functioning, so I'm in a slight panic (especially with holiday print orders arriving). Any help is much appreciated!

As some background, in 2019, a Mac OS update (to Mojave) prevented the Preview print utility from working with the Canon printer. Mac support helped me revert back to the El Capitan OS, which solved the issue. I've seen a few other threads on this. This issue is different. The print utility is working--all of the Canon options are appearing. The problem now is that layers on my images are getting dropped between the Mac and the printer.


Screen Shot 2022-12-06 at 6.21.37 AM.pngIMG_4639.jpeg

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