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Canon PRO 300 - Operational Panel Not Updating with New Paper


Trying to add "Baryta PhotoPaper" as a selectable paper option on the PRO 300.  Used the Canon "Media Configuration Tool", selecting "Baryta PhotoPaper" to add.  Performed the "Update Media Information" step and everything appeared to be successful.  However, when I view/select a paper through the on the printer within the display, the paper is not listed.

I have also confirmed that I am running the tools as an administrator, printer is connected and online.

Am I missing a step?

Thank you.



The media type "Baryta PhotoPaper" will only been shown in the manual feed tray setting. It does not support  the top tray. If you want to set the manual tray with this media, you have to go in the "Various setting"/"Printer settings"/"Paper-related settings"/"Manual feed tray paper settings"


Hope this help

I have 5x7 Baryta Rag paper. Can I not use this with the Canon Pro 300 since Baryta paper only shows up for the manual feed which doesn't support 5x7? Is there a way to print on my Baryta Rag 5x7 from the top feed even though I cant select Baryta Photo as a paper type from the screen on the printer.


If the paper type will only set for manual feed then then 5x7 is not supported. You can try a custom print setting as a work around but I can't promise it will force the printer to print 5x7 with that paper type. 

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