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Canon Customer Support




Am I the only person who thinks that Canon's customer service stinks?


I called last night several times and this morning trying to get help with my new pro-300. There were several times that their voice recognition system didn't understand imageprograph pro-300 and told me to call back with I had the modle of the printer and just hung up on me. When the voice system did recognize imageprograph pro-300 I was transfered to another voice system. This voice system said that they recognize my account but it couldn't find my register information. I was told me to call back after I register my product and hung on me. 


The first thing I did after setting the 300 was to register the printer. I've even gone into my account and sure enough it shows that I have registered my 300.


The best thing I liked about Canon was their support but now it's like their doing everything they can to keep you from contacting support.


Sorry but I had to vent,









It's been a bit slow with Covid around. They have always been great when I've delt with them, just need to be patient.


It has nothing to do with slow. It has to do with changes that Canon has made to their customer service. When you're asked by the system what product are you calling about and you say imageprograph pro-300 and the system doesn't understand what you said you're told to call back when you have the name of the product and hangs up. Why you're not asked to repeat that is beyond me. 

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