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imagePROGRAF PRO-4100 printer continuously power-cycling itself


I'm having a recurring problem with my Canon  ImagePROGRAF PRO-4100 printer which I bought new in 2020 - it keeps power-cycling independently, even in the middle of printing tasks. Various attempts to rectify this situation such as disconnecting and reconnecting the power cord, switching to a different power outlet and using a USB connection instead of network printing have been unsuccessful so far. The firmware is updated to the latest version. If anyone could provide some guidance on how to resolve this issue, it would be much appreciated. No error code displayed on the printer or observed.

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Try downgrading software, has to either be a outlet issue, a software issue, or a motherboard issue.


Not enough power

Mobo misfiring

conflict between your operating system and the software update. (try a different PC)


I appreciate your swift reply and thoughtful suggestions, Laheatle. I'm dealing with some challenges, and it's undoubtedly exasperating when a dependable gadget malfunctions. Here's an updated outline of my predicament: I've attempted to use another computer, but sadly, it didn't fix the issue. The regularity of the printer power cycling has been gradually deteriorating over time. I still need to consider downgrading the firmware as a solution. To solve this problem, I've ordered a new power cord, suspecting it might be at fault here. It's been challenging for me to locate the specific Canon parts I require, and naturally, I would like to consider something other than throwing away the printer. The advice received so far - looking into potential outlet issues, checking for software clashes, or contemplating a motherboard problem - all seem like logical steps in troubleshooting this issue. Before deciding on downgrading my firmware, it is prudent to wait for my new power cord, which could contribute to this problem. If you elaborate on Motherboard misfiring and if you have any solutions/recommendations, I would love to hear them.

The motherboard misfiring would be due to a bad connection in the actual metal paths on the motherboard. basically, the "wire" on the motherboard itself has disintegrated and when you reach a certain level of electrical energy it will brick itself. it's short circuiting basically. it could be the motherboard, the cable, the memory chip, all kinds of things. This would be caused either by the motherboard just being unlucky, or you spilled ink on an electronic piece (more than likely with printers). 

If the power cable does not fix it, it's internal. I would check to make sure its a software issue by factory reset. On the Ipf670 and 760 imageprografs you can power into into service mode by holding the load+stop buttons, pressing the power button and releasing it to power on, then hold the load+stop until its all the way powered on. On these their is a little "S" in the top right corner. I'm not sure about the pro 4100.

But if you find the key combo to get into service mode you can factory reset. Usually after you power into service mode you have to go to settings and hold OK button on all the settings like user settings and a little "=" sign will appear indicating that you reset the settings to factory defaults.

if it is not a SOFTWARE issue, and you factory reset, and made sure all the cables are connected, new, and it does not work with a different PC, and it does not work after downgrading software, it is 100% a hardware issue meaning that it is the motherboard.

In the case of a hardware issue you only have two options: remove the motherboard and put power through it, look at it under a heat sensing camera, if a spot lights up bright that means it is short circuiting. You will have to unsolder the piece and resolder a new component on.

Or you can replace the entire motherboard or hardware piece with a new one. If that printer has a power supply unit it may also be that, which I don't advise handling with your bare hands as they usually have transformers in them that upstep the voltages and you could fry yourself pretty bad if you don't know what you are doing.

all of that out of the way, if you can't do all that, you'll have to get another printer. (could find one of your same model that has a broken piece not related to your problem, like no printhead etc, then just rip out the good parts)

that's about all you are gonna get for help online, canon will charge you hundreds to fix it, worth it to just get a new one.


Also if you recently tried using solvent or eco solvent ink in there that would be the problem, I keep seeing people kill their printers by using this because they don't understand that ecosolvent contains plastic binding or disintigegrating atoms. They are called hyrdocarbons. That's why they print on vinyl and other plastics. it will weaken or melt or bind and crystalpolymerize the inside of your printer tubing and can cause leaks, and when it leaks its basically like acid for a plastic printer.

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