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Pro-4100 roll holder spool damage issue


I've been having an issue where my 4100 constantly jams. When it begins to print or load paper there is a large knocking sound which is the gear in the printer that grabs on to the end of the paper spool holder, it's having a hard time holding it in the right place. If you look at the end of the spool there is a black plastic gear that has grooves. 

What is happening is that the gear in the printer and the gear on the spool are not grabbing onto each other. The spool on the roll holder ends up getting worn down which makes the problem worse and worse until it no longer catches the gear at all and the paper won't load.

I ordered a new roll holder 5 months ago which fixed the problem but now it has returned and ground down the new spool holder making the printer unuseable. 

I don't know what the actual cause of this is. I'm now ordering my 3rd spool roll holder set RH2-46 but if I have to buy a new one every few months it's ridiculous and expensive.

Any ideas? 


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