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Pro-4100 print quality becomes grainy and showing paper fibers


My Pro-4100 print quality becomes grainy and shows paper fiber. See the photo attached. This issue is more visible at the furthest edge. Both images are printed with the same quality settings. The second one is an older print versus the first one. I ran through the maintenance bucket list: nozzle check, head cleaning, head alignment, and checking paper settings, but none seemed to work. IMG_2864.jpgIMG_2865.jpg


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi jtx1,

I can assist you with this issue, but I would need a little more information:

Who is the manufacturer of the paper you are using and what type of paper is it?

What application are you printing from?

What version of Windows are you using?
If you are using a Mac, what version of OSX is installed?

Are you using your PRO-4100 with a USB cable?
or wirelessly?

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I'm using the 46# Color Bond from Plotter Pros. It's a heavy-weight coated paper. I'm printing the image in Photoshop and using the driver's interface. I'm on Windows 10. The image is printed via a USB cable.