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IPF 6100 printer



I have a IPF6100 printer that works fine, however since updating my Mac OS to version 12.0.1 I can not connect to it, Apple does not let me go back to an older OS, nor does Lightroom. Canon is not updating the driver.

Any possible solutions, other than trowing away several thousand $ worth of working equipment?





Sorry you have found yourself in this situation.  All of this is avoidable.  Apple and Adobe, etc do not force you to use a certain version of their OS or software.  Apple does allow you to go back to an earlier OS.  its called Time Machine.  Its part of MAC OS and is free.  Its a great tool and provides the ability to test a new operating system or software for function or compatibility, then return to a previous OS or software version if things don't work out.  It also protects you against data loss should your system become lost, stolen or damaged.  Hardware does fail. 

This situation was self-inflicted.  The printer is 15 yrs old.  You don't have to throw it away.  Maybe learn from this experience.  Implement a back up solution and start using Time Machine.  Take steps to protect yourself from unforeseen issues, problems or data loss.  Do the research before leaping into an upgrade. 

If your MAC will run Monterey, it will run an earlier version of MAC OS, one that is compatible with your printer.  Nothing needs to be thrown away.


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Thanks Rick,

I am wiser now, hopefully will do better next time

what I have done is use an older laptop, running High Sierra IOS to connect to my printer, unfortunately I can not install the Lightroom classic on that machine as not compatible. And the older LR does not read news Canon RAW format.

so I have to read the photos on one machine, transfer to the older for printing.

seems to work, not most élaguant or easy for color correction etc, but only solution so far.

any better ideas more than welcome.